Diana is proud to be endorsed by the following local community members:

Alan Dickerson
Alona Steinke
An Qila
Alishia Topper, Clark County Treasurer & 
   Fmr. Vancouver City Councilor
Amy Horstman
Armando Laguardia
Bethany Neal
Brent Hennrich
Bridgette Fahnbulleh
Carmela Lemon
Carol Anne Drayton
Carol Turgeon 
Carolyn Long
Cathryn Chudy
Chris Goodwin
Coralee Auverson Brewer
Dale McLain
Daniel Smith
Danielle Jokela
Daryll Olson
David Cruz
David Mucci
Deana Solis
Debbie Howard
Den Mark Wichar 
Diana Avalos-Leos, First Citizen
Divya Jain
Don Steinke
Donna Sinclair
Dr. Frank Marre
Dr. Paul Tucker
Edward Hamilton Rosales
Eileen Cowen
Eleuterio Chavarin
Elie Kassab
Elizabeth Campbell
Ellen Ino
Enrique Dominguez
Eric LaBrant, Comm’r Port of Vancouver
Erin Clabaugh
Esther Schrader
Ethan Benson
Eulalia Soto
Faith Cyr
Felena Erecacho 
Francisco Navarro
Frank Marre
Gabriel Ramos
Gail Bergeron  
Gala Miller
Galina Burley
Genie Gomez
Gerald Skinner
Gloria Dominguez
Gretchen Grey-Hatton
Heather Beecher
Heather Jolma
Hector Hinojosa
Heidi Gardner
Holly Williams
Jack Burkman, Port Comm’r & Fmr. 
   Vancouver City Councilor
Jackie Lane
Jan Verrinder
Janet Birgenheier
Janet Landesberg
Javier Navarro
Jeanne Bennett
Jeanne Caswell
Jennifer Rigert Browning
Jesus Garcia
Jim Martin
Joan Caley
Joe Clemons
Joe Maldonado
John Oberg
Jordan Taylor
Juanita Young
Justin Oberg
Katlin Smith
Karen Morrison
Karyn Kameroff
Kelly Dekorte
Kelly McDonald
Ken Nitta
Ken Stryker
Ken Williams
Kenneth Bounds, WA State Park & 
   Recreation Comm’r
Kim Morgan
Kirk McKenzie
Kristin Edmark
Kyle Sproul, Vancouver Public Schools Board 
Liliana Salazar
Laurie Lebowsky, Vancouver City Councilor
Laurie McAllister
Lehman Holder
Leslie Aguilar
Leticia Ybarra Browning
Linda Glover, Vancouver City Councilor 
Linda Martin
Linda McLain
Lizette Padilla
Loren Sickles
Luz R. Sotomayor
Magan Reed
Major W. Harris, Jr.
Marjorie Ledell
Marcie Maxwell, Fmr. WA State Rep. 41st LD 
Mark Brown
Mark Leed
Mark Mantei
Marsha Manning
Marsha Maupoux
Marta Franklin
Martha E. Evans
Maureen Winningham
Michael Lynch
Michael Shaw
Michele Wollert
Michelle Vasquez-Stickley
Mike Briggs
Mike Ellison
Mike Jokela
Mike Pond
Molly Evans
Mona Das, WA State Senator, 47th LD
Monica Rech
Monica Santos-Pinacho
Monica Stonier, WA State Rep. 49th LD
Nan Henriksen, Fmr. Mayor City of Camas & 
   First Citizen
Nancy Schultz
Nene Kondo
Nina Vallado-McGill
Olivia Peters
Onofre Contreras
Pat Arnold
Pat Campbell
Patricia Cano
Paul Speer
Peter Van Tilburg
Phil Landesberg
Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney, Fmr. WA State 
   Rep. 46th LD
Rashida Willard
Rheta Rubenstein
Rhona Sen Hoss
Richard Kolber 
Rob Perkins, Evergreen School District Board 
Rocio Sotomayor
Royce Pollard, Fmr. Mayor City of Vancouver
Ruby Gunter
Ryan Welch
Samara Gilroy-Hicks
Sandra Zavala-Ortega, Vancouver Public 
   Schools Board Member
Scott Warren
Shane Gardner
Sharon Wylie, WA State Rep. 49th LD
Sherry Parker
Shona Carter
Stacey Graham
Steve Horenstein
Stevi Green
Summer Stinson
Sunrise O’Mahoney
Tanisha Harris
Tammy Pham
Temple Lentz, Clark County Councilor
Teresa Purcell
Terri Niles
Thomas Lineham
Tiffany Chou
Tim Leavitt, Fmr. Mayor City of Vancouver
Tim Schauer
Traci Meyer-Jones
Trish Buescher
Tsering Cornell 
Ty Stober, Vancouver City Councilor
Victor Minjares  
Victoria Bradford, Evergreen School District 
   Board Member
Yessenia Martinez

I endorse Diana because she is driven to help all of our Vancouver residents thrive and is the voice we need for our under served and under privileged community members.

Yessenia Martinez

I endorse Diana because she has the vision to move us forward.

Rhona Sen Hoss

I endorse Diana because she is going to work towards making progress in areas that matter to citizens of the city of Vancouver. I trust her to make good things happen with the utmost integrity and passion.

Joe Clemons

I endorse Diana because I appreciate her views on quality of life, safe and efficient transportation, and maintaining a healthy environment. I think she will be fantastic for Vancouver City Council.

Amy Horstman

I endorse Diana Perez because she represents a larger swath of our community and has been in leadership roles for our city, county and state for many years. Her unique knowledge of the US Forestry Service along with the rights of our invisible community make her the BEST voice for Vancouver City Council.

Edward Hamilton Rosales

Diana is an informed community leader who listens to and respects the opinion of everyone. She will help lead the city in a way that benefits those here now and in the future.

Marjorie Ledell

I endorse Diana because she knows what the people who make up the heart and soul of our town want and need!

Heather Jolma

We will be fortunate to have Diana Perez as a member of the Vancouver City Council. She has a wealth of knowledge and experiences that we have never had before. Diana will bring our city together and make us proud and successful.

Armando Laguardia

I'm proud to support Diana Perez for Vancouver City Council. Vancouver deserves and needs a leader who values and respects all who call Vancouver home. Diana's unique background, skills, and knowledge will serve us well on the city council. It's time for fresh, new leadership. It's time for Diana Perez.

Tanisha Harris

We are supporting Diana because we know her to be hard working and knowledgeable about our community. Over the years we have collaborated with her many times and have witnessed her leadership skills first hand. She will be a great addition to the Council.

Shane and Heidi Gardner

Diana has always shown commitment to our beautiful city and its people through her actions. Diana sees possibilities where others do not. A vote for Diana Perez is a positive step forward in making our city for all people!!

Patricia Cano

I endorse Diana because I appreciate her views on quality of life, safe and efficient transportation, and maintaining a healthy environment. I think she will be fantastic for Vancouver City Council.

Amy Horstman

I endorse Diana because I support her position on the issues of police accountability, supporting youth in our communities and promoting Equity in our governance.

Olivia Peters

Diana is competent, compassionate, diligent and persistent. She will work for us all.

Frank Marre

Diana has been working hard for Vancouver for years. Her experience and energy will enhance the Vancouver City Council!

Elizabeth Campbell

I endorse Diana because she speaks truth to power and understands the needs of Vancouver's hard working families.

Tsering Cornell

Diana has demonstrated her commitment to Vancouver and her willingness to work hard and build connections. She is a transformational leader who will help us achieve positive change toward a brighter future for this city that we love!

Molly Evans

I endorse Diana because she cares about the most impacted within our community and is passionate about making Vancouver a more equitable place to live and work.

Rashida Willard

I endorse Diana Perez because she leads through consensus and respect.

David Cruz

I endorse Diana because I believe in inclusivity and equity.

Michelle Stickley

I endorse Diana Perez because I love her ideas for our community. She is a strong voice who gets involved! Representation matters!

Bethany Neal

Diana knows how to get the job done - she is not someone who complains without action, she is someone who finds viable solutions to problems. She has the professional acumen to make informed decisions that benefit all of Vancouver's residents.

Eileen Cowen

I endorse Diana because she is just the kind of person we need on city council right now. Her policies are great and progressive.

Eleuterio Chavarin

I am impressed by Diana Perez’s communication, leadership, critical thinking and social skills. She will bring a diverse background to the City of Vancouver Council.

Elie Kassab

I have known Diana for 15 yrs. in that time she has tirelessly worked to help not only the Latino community but the whole community. She cares, she dares and she will be there when it counts!

Gerald Skinner

What a pleasant thought, Diana Perez on City Council. I trust her intelligence, her honesty, her commitment, her energy, her inclusiveness, her positivity. She belongs on Council.

Den Mark Wichar

For years I have looked up to Diana Perez as a role model in both life and leadership. Having her on Vancouver City Council will amplify the voices of our youth for the better, and I cannot wait to see how Ms. Diana continues to foster and cultivate its future like she has always done for me.

Tammy Pham

Diana has shown for years her dedication to service and to improving the lives of those in her community. I wholeheartedly support in her in her run for city council and I have no doubts in the good she will do once elected.

Joe Maldonado

I endorse Diana because she cares for the society that we live in!

Gabriel Ramos

Diana is a leader for my community and an incredible person overall.

Ruby Gunter

Diana is the best person to repressent the people of Vancouver.

Richard Kolber

I endorse Diana because she has demonstrated her commitment to the Vancouver Community by her extensive volunteer work with nonprofits and by serving on several city and state boards and commissions. She is a thoughtful and effective leader who can contribute a great deal to the City Council.

Heather Beecher

Diana will focus on the United Nation’s sustainable goal #16 to promote peaceful and inclusive societies development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.

Carol Anne Drayton

I endorse Diana because I'm a lifelong environmentalist, and Diana supports clean energy, clean air, and clean water for Vancouver.

Lehman Holder

Diana will be great for Vancouver. I can't wait to see what she does on the council!

Jackie Lane

Through her strong track record of involvement, Diana has demonstrated her commitment and dedication to bettering our community and providing upward mobility opportunities for all. Diana brings with her an important perspective that will be hugely valuable to the council as important decisions are made that impact us all.

Monica Santos-Pinacho

I appreciate her values, her energy, her tireless efforts for Vancouver.

Cathryn Chudy

I endorse Diana Perez because, as a small business owner here in Vancouver, I feel confident that Diana has the expertise to uplift our businesses while focusing on the greater good of the community. From affordable-housing, & public transport, Diana sees how integrated these systems are for a prosperous society. Proven leadership is needed now more than ever, and Diana's record speaks for itself. The Stryker Family is proud to support Diana.

Ken Stryker

I endorse Diana Perez because she is compassionate, thoughtful, smart, articulate, and assertive.

Rheta Rubinstein

I endorse Diana Perez because she is thoughtful, smart, and committed to helping Vancouver keep growing in a sustainable and equity-minded manner.

Samara Gilroy-Hicks

Diana Perez founded LULAC and is very sensitive to inclusion of those many different voices who might not otherwise be heard. She has a strong background of accomplishments through her many years of service. She understands of the workings of government and how to get things done. She works collaboratively. I find Diana Perez knowledgeable and inspiring.

Kristin Edmark

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