Official Statement: VPD Shootings

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My name is Diana Perez and I am commenting on the recent Vancouver Police Department shootings as a resident of the City of Vancouver and as a candidate for our Vancouver City Council.  

When tragedies like this happen in our community, it is important the elected leaders say something — anything. These were lives that were tragically and irreversibly taken away and these are our officers whom we entrust our public safety with.

I’d like to make a few points. First of all, I understand and respect the legal parameters of being able to discuss any part of the investigations but compassion can be demonstrated regardless of fact-finding underway. Compassion doesn’t cost any organization a penny.

Second, it is tragic when someone is killed and circumstances around that are at a minimum cloudy. Any investigation underway does not prohibit from compassion being conveyed. Compassion for the families, children, neighbors, and community at large. These incidents should not be polarizing through the silence of our elected leaders.

Third, as a community, we need to evaluate this going forward so we can learn from this and not allow it to become normal. These incidents will leave a residue in our community for a long time.

Lastly, we know nationally the reality that encompasses these types of situations is the dehumanization and stereotyping of the victim and not addressing the stark fact that the majority of victims are almost always people of color. Let’s make sure that in our community we work on changing this script. Things like this need to be problem solved with community involvement. I would like to see an expression of compassion by the City of Vancouver.


Media Contact:
Jake Garcia, Campaign Manager
Email: info@electdianaperez.com
Campaign Phone: (360) 836-4233

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