Because I know our community and its priorities, I pledge to focus my campaign on families, jobs, recovery and opportunities.

For all families and residents to have a high quality of life, the City of Vancouver needs to have affordable housing throughout the city, better transportation, living wages, and opportunities for growth. We must chart a course for clean air, water, and land to ensure our most vulnerable communities are protected from whatever might come.

Quality of Life

“A great quality of life means affordable homes, easy transportation for all, a healthy environment, living wages, and a strong sense of community.”
– Diana Perez

Vancouver’s rapid growth creates opportunities and challenges. Not the least of these is maintaining the quality of life and natural beauty that drew or kept us here. A high quality of life cannot be achieved without livable wage jobs, a good economy and access to parks and green spaces in neighborhoods. In order to achieve this, we must:

Economic Recovery and Opportunity

Economic Recovery

We cannot have a just recovery without talking about climate change. The decisions we make today will shape our city, economy, health and climate. It is time to be decisive and bold in creating a path to a genuinely healthier and more equitable future for everyone. No one should be left behind. We must create resiliency through livable wage jobs that help transition workers and communities into the future we reimagine.

Economic Opportunity

Vancouver has been blessed with a location in close proximity to the mighty Columbia River, parks and trails along with easy access to the airport. This makes it appealing to a whole new generation of businesses that are looking to move here. To support that, we must:

Embracing All People

Vancouver’s demographics demonstrate that we are a city of multiple cultures, voices, and abilities. Unfortunately, we don’t often see this reflected in our local government. Everyone in our city should feel part of the community. That is why we must:

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