Diana Perez announces Vancouver City Council candidacy

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Diana Perez announces her candidacy for Vancouver City Council Position 3. Diana has already been endorsed by former Vancouver city councilmember Jack Burkman and former mayor Tim Leavitt. She has lived on the east side of Vancouver for 20 years.

“I am running for Vancouver City Council because I want to be part of leading this great city in a purposeful and meaningful way where everyone benefits and has opportunities to thrive through a shared vision that is powerful and inclusive,” said Perez.

Diana has served our community in a variety of roles, ranging from the local level to statewide policy decisions. Her passion for advocating for our community and empowering others, especially youth, is what drove her to become the State Director of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) where she served until this year.

Diana served on Vancouver’s long range budget committee – a committee that was tasked with developing a comprehensive service and funding package to support the city’s long-term vision. She served on the recent Community Task Force on Council Representation, and the Police Chief’s Diversity Advisory Team. She was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee in 2018 to serve on the state’s Parks and Recreation Commission where she provides policy direction for state parks.

“Everyone needs to be included in our recovery efforts. This is especially true for owners and employees of our small businesses. As a city councilmember I will help lead the efforts to create the policies that deliver an equitable and sustainable recovery from the pandemic,” Perez says.

“The city of Vancouver needs more affordable housing, better transportation, more living wage jobs, and opportunities for growth,” Perez noted as issues. “Many residents, small business owners, and essential workers have been negatively impacted. They need city leaders who will work tirelessly to rebuild opportunities to prosper. I will be that leader.”

To keep up with the campaign visit www.electdianaperez.com, or check out her social media: @ElectDianaPerez on Twitter and Facebook!

Media Contact:
Diana Perez
Email: ElectDianaPerez@gmail.com

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